Propeller Shaft 300

Propeller Shaft 300
Propeller Shaft 300-00. Find our complete collection online or download our full product catalog.

Product sheet Propeller Shaft 300 00-04

These RABOESCH high quality propeller shafts have a large range of application. For simple electric boats which are made from ABS, wood, please use 300-00/04. 300-01-03 have strong ABS tubes which makes gluing to your scale model very simple. The other propeller shafts have brass tubes. 300-11 has an extra strong shaft and tube. All the RABOESCH propeller shafts can be shortened very easily. All shafts are made from STAINLESS STEEL.

Propeller Shafts        
Code Max RPM
in the water
Tube diameter
Bearing front Bearing rear Tube lenght
Shaft lenght
D Thread x Length
Price incl. VAT *
300-00 12000 Ø 5/6 mm Bronze Hard Brass 140 mm 180 mm 2 mm M2x10 mm € 19,40
Tabel subproducten
Unieke codeMax RPM in waterTube Ø C mmBearing frontBearing rearTube length A mmShaft L. B mmD mmThr. x L. E mmG mmPrice incl.
300-0012000Ø 5x6BronzeHard Brass140180Ø 2M2 x 10  € 20,95
300-017000Ø 5x7Hard BrassHard Brass220270Ø 4M4 x 16  € 18,32
300-049000Ø 5x6BronzeHard Brass228270Ø 3M3 x 11Ø 8,7  € 26,17
300-0310000Ø 4,5 x 8BronzeBronze220290Ø 4M4 x 18Ø 10,2  € 22,25
300-1116000Ø 8 x 10Ball BearingBronze370450Ø 6M5 x 25Ø 15,7  € 68,05