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Propeller Shaft 300


BF = Bearing front   |   BR = bearing rear   |  HB = Hard Brass   |   Ball = Ball bearing

Code Ø G mm TxL E mm Shaft L. B mm BR A mm BF Ø C mm Ø D mm RPM Price
300-00-M2 x 10180HB140HB5x621200019.87
300-01-M4 x 16270HB220HB5x74700017.38
300-0310,2M4 x 18290Bronze220Bronze4,5 x 841000021.11
300-048,7M3 x 11270HB228Bronze5x63900024.83
300-1115,7M5 x 25450Bronze370Ball8x1061600064.57
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These RABOESCH high quality propeller shafts have a large range of application. For simple electric boats which are made from ABS, wood, please use 300-00/04. 300-01-03 have strong ABS tubes which makes gluing to your scale model very simple. The other propeller shafts have brass tubes. 300-11 has an extra strong shaft and tube. All the RABOESCH propeller shafts can be shortened very easily. All shafts are made from STAINLESS STEEL.

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