Shaft grease


  • High temperature Shaft grease – 500 gram
  • Extreme pressure performance for protection against shock loadings
  • Long service life
  • Excellent resistance to water wash out
  • Good pumpability
  • Protects against rust and corrosion, even in salt water
  • Lead and chlorine free
  • Contains tackifiers to help grease stay in place
  • Recommended operating temperature range: -10 ° tot 170 °C. Drop point 275 °C.

Schroefassenvet – Shiffswellen fett – Lubrification Arbres d’hélices

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High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease is a NLGI No 2, light blue coloured, high temperature all-purpose, extreme pressure (EP) grease. Formulated with state of the art additives that provide tackiness, excellent load carrying ability, outstanding resistance to water wash out as well as effective extreme pressure performance and anti-wear protection.

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